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  • techedge 3E2 wideband controler autocalibration issue (EE display error)

  • Support pour le matériel d'acquisition de données Tech Edge. Si vous avez un problème avec votre matériel, ou une solution à un problème, c'est ici qu'il faut poster.
Support pour le matériel d'acquisition de données Tech Edge. Si vous avez un problème avec votre matériel, ou une solution à un problème, c'est ici qu'il faut poster.
 #7867  par jimp
 16 sept. 2018 10:14
Hello all, currently I got a techedge 3E2 to use on old aircooled vw's as a tuning toll, I saw you have a dedicated techedge section here to your forum and I decided to write down my problem, maybe someone can help. the unit seems to recalibrate on itself when on road test, without any particular reason, meaning it is not happening when you first power the unit or at another specific time but it happens. I have to say here that I haven't found yet someone else having this issue, I have communicated with Peter which gladly send me another unit to replace the first one, still the same , here I have to note that the same unit I send it back to his dealer and there it works perfectly, no issues at all
will try to note down what i have, what I have done already and what looks weird anyway
its a 3E2 with 4,9 LSU -new- long 4m cable, sensor installed with a pipe sniffer to the end of the exhaust
Powered directly on the battery with fixing screws, no help
Peter suggested to use a remote battery to power the unit, I did it but ommited to ground it on the chassis, it didn't work maybe it would work grounded? it was late when we told this as the unit was on its way back to the dealer
now what is weird -well to me at least
-both units, the first, the supposed to be damaged and the second the good one, performed in exactly the same manner, the first 2-3 days were going perfect, with no issues, and even on the "worst" circumstances meaning powered via crocodile clips etc, remember on the first unit wasn't aware that I will have problems, so i was really "untidy" on any install, then after the first days chaos, no matter what you do to correct the issue, this second same unit works directly from a cigarette lighter to the dealers car
-peter suggested that the whole thing is happening because of electromagnetic interference as the cars are old fashion, BUT the same happened to my nissan almera 2004 model where I installed it, basically the video that you will see below its on the almera car, so how did i duplicated the same environment on a new car?

I can say I;m stack, dont know how I can solve this issue, taking into consideration that me and the delaer used the same unit and sensor cable, the difference is power cable and position of sensor, he installs it directly on the header

check below a video, when the EE appears on the display, funny thing is the LEDs doesnt show calibration at that time but normal operation ... 0ZcTqxV9Bx

I really would like to hear some inputs before I scarp the whole thing..



 #7870  par Manu
 17 sept. 2018 21:00
Hi Dimitrios,

I'm afraid that if Peter can't solve the problem, I won't too. After all, he's the one who design the controller and surely the one who know them in detail.

Also, note that I never had a such case so I can't give any advice based on (bad) experience, since I never had.

I even didn't know what EE mean. Did Peter told you ?

My guess : 5V drop off below threshold. Did you measure it when problem appear ?

Best regards,
 #7875  par jimp
 18 sept. 2018 14:21
Hello Manu

really interesting -and frustrating- to hear -once again- that you're not familiar with this issue, that's really bad for me. Anyway never said that Peter can't resolve, he was just too slow on answering to me and when he suggested further tests to do the unit was already on its road back to the dealer, so couldn't help. He is almost sure that the unit peaks interference from the car's environment BUT if we suggest that this is kind of normal on our old cars -pre efi era- then how it happened also to a nissan 2004 model I tested?Anyway the EE apears when the unit recalibrates -the same appears when you the user make the calibration for the sensor pressing the button, for some seconds this message appears, funny thing here is it's doing alone when on test, so after that it good for nothing, you have to take all out of the exhaust and recalibrate the unit.
can you be a little bit more specific about this 5v drop?
do you know -as unfortunately haven't done the road until the logging- if we can log also the input voltage? or if there is a way to "get" it from the unit? as I'm afraid if this is happening, cant see it easily with a multimeter or voltmeter, should have a car diagnostic with a dedicated display to check?


 #7876  par Manu
 18 sept. 2018 14:41
You can use an divider (2 resistors in line) to divide your car voltage to a 0-5V one, then log it using USR input of the logger.

Look here :
 #7877  par jimp
 19 sept. 2018 16:50
OK, got it now, so seing what the logger has caught we can check the fluctuation of the incoming voltage to the unit, so I have to check the actual voltage on the cable with the engine running, make the calculations and find the correct resistances, If I succed lets say and get exactly 5V to the logger, which is the lowest threshold to say that our voltage has problem, lets say 4volts? or it is already very big fluctuation?


 #7889  par Manu
 21 sept. 2018 08:35
Simple :
with calculator I gave, target input = 20V for output =5V

Plug your logger and watch your signal voltage. It is below 5V. Your goal is to determine if there are fluctuations during normal conditions.